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Listen to some jams from the Doom (1993) and Doom 2 (1994) Original Soundtracks composed by Robert Prince available from YouTube.

About this me and this website

Get to know about me a little bit, would you?

Hi, I'm Basher and I play classic retro first person shooters but the one I mostly like is Doom (1993). Why do I like Doom (1993) so much? Well in order for me to tell you that I'll give you some information from Wikipedia about it and according to them they say that, "Doom was a critical and commercial success, earning a reputation as one of the best and most influential video games of all time. It sold an estimated 3.5 million copies by 1999, and up to 20 million people are estimated to have played it within two years of launch. It has been termed the "father" of first-person shooters and is regarded as one of the most important games in the genre. It has been cited by video game historians as shifting the direction and public perception of the medium as a whole, as well as sparking the rise of online games and communities (Source: [])" I also make mods for Doom, in which are available from the Directory page which can be found on your navigation bar.

Controller Spin

My favorite videogames

Here's some my favorite video games I like to play when I'm bored

DOOM DOOM II Final DOOM DOOM 64 Quake Quake Live Duke Nukem 3D Half-Life Team Fortress 2 Garry's Mod Blood Shadow Warrior Counter Strike Turok

That's not all of the games I like, but I will update the section more.

Videos about Doom and other Boomer-Shooter games

Here's some videos I found and enjoyed watching on YouTube about Doom, the team behind this masterpiece, it's creator, John Romero; and the Boomer-Shooter/Retro First Person Shooter genre.

That's not all of the videos I found, but I will update the section more.

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